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Underfloor Systems
Data Sheet

Underfloor Systems
Plug-In Type

Single Hose Models: U-60-PS, U-60-PSH, U-60PSX, and U-60-PSXH
Double Hose Models: U-60-PT, U-60-PTH, and U-60-PTX

Contractor shall furnish and install (specify number of outlets) underfloor plug-in type floor outlets, model (specify), as Manufactured by The Engwald Corporation, 125 Sheridan Blvd., Inwood, New York 11096. Each floor outlet shall consist of heavy cast aluminum frame with hinged lid(s). Hinge pin shall be stainless steel complete with cadmium plated spring for self-closing of lids. Entire casting shall have beveled edges. Each floor outlet shall be complete with (stainless steel, galvanized, crushproof neoprene, or silicone) hose assembly, (?) ft. long x (?) inch diameter. One end of this hose shall have (galvanized or stainless steel) tailpipe adapter complete with gas analyzer slot and chain and hook assembly. (Or in case crushproof hose is specified, a crushproof tailpipe adapter can be used to make the entire hose crushproof.) The other end of hose shall be equipped with a coupling to floor casting. (If crushproof hose is specified, this should be a 90 degree elbow coupling to prevent kinking of hose.)

The underfloor pipe should be as specified above with the exception that the floor casting shall fit directly into a 90 degree spur of upright tee fitting. (If SADDLE UNITS are used casting shall connect to SADDLE fitting which is permanently mounted to underfloor pipe.)

Specification for blower unit as shown under disappearing type systems.

Specification for stack set as shown under disappearing type systems.

Saddle Units

Purpose: The SADDLE UNITS eliminate the use of a "Wye" fitting or "Tee" fitting with the underground piping. Instead of such a fitting, straight pipe can be used. At the point where the floor outlet is to be located, the top of the pipe must be cut and the SADDLE placed over it. The floor box then fits over the SADDLE. An additional telescoping up and down adjustment is provided via a drawband connection.

Material: The underfloor units themselves are our standard units (cast aluminum) modified to fit with the respective SADDLE. The SADDLE itself is manufactured out of 18 gage hot rolled material coated with a rust preventive Primer-Sealer.

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