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Underfloor Systems
Data Sheet

Underfloor Systems
Disappearing and Plug-In Type

The following will be some pre-written sample specifications for our underfloor systems. Simply fill in the particulars that pertain to your project. This will help you get the ball rolling. All our units are available as SADDLE UNITS. The details of which are on the following page.

Underfloor Systems-Disappearing Type

Single Hose Models: U-50-D, U-50-DH, U-50-DX, and U50-DXH
Double Hose Models: U-59-DT and U-59-DTH

Contractor shall furnish and install (specify number of outlets) underfloor disappearing type floor outlets, model (specify) as manufactured by The Engwald Corporation, 125 Sheridan Blvd., Inwood, New York 11096. Each floor outlet shall consist of a heavy cast aluminum frame with hinged lid(s), transition of heavy gage galvanized steel, coated with rust preventive bituminous paint, with a cast aluminum hose seal centering device at base end of transition. Lids shall be hinged to casting with stainless steel pins and shall have heavy duty reinforcement bars underneath. Entire casting shall have beveled edges. Each floor outlet shall be complete with (stainless steel, galvanized, or crushproof) hose assembly (?) ft. long x (?) inch diameter. One end of hose assembly shall have 20 gage (stainless steel or galvanized) tailpipe adapter complete with gas analyzer slot and chain and hook assembly, the other end shall have wire cage hose guide to help guide the hose back into the underfloor ducting. The underfloor Pipe shall be suitable for this type of application. Care should be taken to keep inside of pipe free of obstructions. Each joint must be properly aligned. Floor casting shall fit directly into a 45 degree or 60 degree spur of upright "Y" fitting (If SADDLE UNITS are used, floor casting shall connect to SADDLE which is permanently mounted to underground pipe). Pipe sizes shall be as shown on drawing, or as recommended by systems manufacturer.
The blower unit shall be Engwald model (specify) with (?) H.P. motor, (?) R.P.M., (specify voltage, phase, and cycle), ball bearing, continuous duty, delivering (?) C.F.M. at (?) static pressure. (If applicable, specify custom features such as weather-proof housing, explosion-proof motor, removable birdscreen, access door, and rubber-in-sheer (R.I.S.) type vibration eliminators.) All EBS Series and EBS-Turbo Series blower units have sparkproof aluminum paddle wheel as standard feature.

Furnish and install a Stack Set, 24 gage galvanized duct from floor level up to blower inlet including flexible connection at same. One set wall or ceiling mounted type blower mounting brackets and exhaust duct from blower outlet through the roof terminating with gooseneck, flashing and counterflashing. (If exhaust is through wall, please specify.)

Note To Spec Writer:
Accessories are available such as Engwald Diesel Stack Canes and "Y" assemblies.

The diesel stack cane makes vertical exhaust pipes of tractors or heavy trucks, easily connectable to any underfloor system. The "Y" Assembly is used for connecting dual exhaust cars to a single hose floor outlet. Specify number and size of units.

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