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A Specific Carbon Monoxide (CO) Transducer Shall be provided. The purpose of this sensor is to interface with Building Automation Systems, Computer Controls, or Analog Controllers that accept 4-20mA inputs.

Sensing element shall be of solid state type. Estimated life of the sensing element shall be 7-10 years. Element shall be of the metal oxide semi-conductor type to measure the concentration of CO as it builds up on the sensing element. The signal from the sensing element shall be measured by a build-in microprocessor, and provide a linear output of 4-20mA over 0-200PPM of CO.

Unit shall be supervised and have a self-test cycle of 2.5 minutes. Unit shall have internal continuous supervision and upon detecting a malfunction, the output shall go the maximum level.

A digital display shall indicate the concentration of Carbon Monoxide from 0-250PPM.

Unit shall incorporate a self-test switch which when activated performs operational testing of the detector and system. Unit shall also have the capability of being field calibrated, using optional Field Calibration KIt.

Unit shall be housed in a metal 6" x 6" x 3" NEMA1 enclosure and be powered by 24VAC or VDC. The unit shall also have isolated outputs so that common power buses can be used.

Unit shall be Macurco model CM-2B, supplied by the Engwald Corporation, 125 Sheridan Blvd., Inwood, NY 516-371-2222

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