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HD-11 Data Sheet
HD-12 Data Sheet

Hydrogen Gas Detectors

Backup Power Supplies
Battery Charging Stations

System Detectors (Low Voltage)

HD-11 12-24VAC or VDC input, alarm relay.

HD-12 12-24VAC or VDC input, hi and low level alarm relays.

• Mounts in standard 4 x 4 electrical box.
• Alarm relay set at 10% of lower explosive level (10% and 25% of LEL on HD-12).
• N.O. sealed reed type dry contact relays.
• Easy installation.
• No Maintenance or recalibration required.
• Supervised system.

Recommended Coverage: 900 sq. feet.
All units are 100% Gas Tested.
Mounting Height: One foot below ceiling.
Solid-State Sensor: Maintenance Free

Manufacured By: Macurco Inc.

Distributed By Engwald

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