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GT-11 Data Sheet

Gas Detector / Transducer

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• Dual linear output transducer: unit sends either a 4 to 20 milliamps or 1 to 5 volts signal.
• The standard calibration for the GT-1 1 is to the following range: 0 to 10,000 ppm of methane.
   10,000 ppm is approximately 20% of the Lower Explosive Limit of methane.
• Easy installation: unit is low voltage (24VAC or VDC) and mounts nearly flush to the wall in
   a standard 4x4 electrical box. Optional duct mounting kits are available for special applications.
• Dual operating LED lights: the green LED indicates normal operating condition and the amber
   LED indicates a trouble condition.
• Supervised System: unit continually checks itself and indicates a trouble condition if there is ever
   a failure of the sensor or circuitry.
• Standard calibration detects the following gases: Methane, LP, gasoline fumes, butane,
   acetylene, and propane.
• Special calibrations are available for the GT-1 1 to detect other gases including: jet fuel, alcohol,
   ethane, ethylene oxide, kerosene fumes, etc.
• Low maintenance self-purging semiconductor sensor.

Manufacured By: Macurco Inc.

Distributed By Engwald

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