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Overhead Systems
Automatic Hose Reels
Data Sheet

Overhead Systems

Automatic Hose Reels
Series HR
Representing the latest in technological advancement in the field of Carbon Monoxide Exhaust, are Fully Automatic Hose Reels with latch and lock feature. These reels are as simple to use as a window shade. No more pull-up hardware needed. Simply pull down the hose to the desired location and it will lock in place. When you’re thru, just give the hose a tug and it will return automatically to its stored position on the reel.

It can be ceiling or wall mounted, used in a multiple outlet system or, with an optional direct mounted fan, each hose reel can be its own individual system making this product ideally suited to any size shop.

The HR Series is available in the following Models:

HR - Standard hose reel with Latch & Lock Feature.
HRD - Standard hose reel with Latch & Lock feature plus a mechanical Damper that automatically opens and closes as hose is pulled out or retracted.
HRW - Extra wide version when longer than 28Ft. hose lengths are required.
HRM - Motorized version with upper & lower limit switches. Motorized unit can be supplied with either wall mounted or pendant type control switches to control hose up/down and fan on/off.

Other hoses such as the Tempmaster and Superflex (see separate submittals) are also ideally suited for use on the HR Series hose reel.

The Standard HR SERIES: Uses a non-laminated high temperature (600 degree Fahrenheit) special Silfab-2 silicone impregnated woven fiberglass hose. A helically wound spring steel wire is imbedded between the inner ply and an exterior ply of woven Nomex coated with silicone rubber. The assembly is double wound with a treated Nomex cord and heat vulcanized to provide greater strength and serviceability. Standard hose lengths are 16, 20, and 24ft. Reel is available in 3", 4", 5", and 6" diameter hoses. This series is designed for use in shops where diesel trucks and high temperatures are involved.

Contractor shall furnish and install Carbon Monoxide Exhaust System, Series (specify HR Series and hose diameter), as supplied by The Engwald Corporation, 125 Sheridan Blvd., Inwood, New York 11096. System shall have (specify number of outlets) using(?) ft. long x (?) inch diameter flexible hose assemblies complete with 20 gage (galvanized or stainless steel) tailpipe adapter with gas analyzer slot and chain and hook assembly on end. (Special adapters with manual or automatically closing dampers available.) Hose shall retract back on to storage reel by means of an automatic retracting spring cassette mechanism which carries a three year manufacturers warranty.

Blower unit shall be Engwald model ... (follow samples specs as outlined on previous page).

Fully Automatic Hose Reel

Mounted in the ceiling or on the wall, connected to a fan or any fume extraction system. No floor channeling... lower accident risk... longer hose life... more adaptable floor space arrangements. Improves job climate, saves you money.

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