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Overhead Systems
Data Sheet

Overhead Systems

The following are some pre-written sample specifications for our overhead systems. Simply fill in the particulars that pertain to your project.

Overhead Systems Suspended Type
Models X-80-E, X-80-EH, X-80-EX and X-80-EXH

Contractor shall furnish and install Carbon Monoxide Exhaust System, Model (specify), as manufactured by The Engwald Corporation, 125 Sheridan Blvd., Inwood, New York 11096. Systems shall have (specify number of outlets) outlets using (?) ft. Long x (?) inch diameter flexible hose assemblies complete with tailpipe adapter with gas analyzer slot and chain and hook assembly. Flexible hose assemblies shall be manufactured out of (stainless steel, galvanized, crushproof neoprene, reinforced neoprene, or high-temperature silicone) material. Provide pull-up arrangement to swing hose out of way when not in use, consisting of nylon rope, pulley, hose band, wall cleat, etc. complete. (Pull-up arrangements employing hand winches or automatic pull-up cord reel balancers are available for all the above models. ) Hose assemblies shall be securely fastened to main duct by means of special air flow fittings provided. Air flow fittings shall be riveted and soldered air tight.

Blower unit shall be Engwald Model (specify) with (?) H.P. motor, (?) R.P.M. (specify voltage, phase, and cycle), ball bearing, continuous duty, delivering (?) C.F.M. at (?) static pressure. (If applicable, specify custom features such as weatherproof housing, explosion proof motor, removable birdscreen, rubber-in-sheer type vibration eliminators.) Provide flexible connection at blower inlet. One set wall or ceiling mounted type blower mounting brackets and exhaust duct from blower outlet through the roof terminating with gooseneck and birdscreen, flashing and counterflashing (If exhaust is through wall, please specify.) All duct shall be manufactured out of prime galvanized material, 24 gage minimum . Entire system shall be securely anchored and rigidly supported. Follow manufacturers’ recommendations, and comply with local building codes.

Telescoping Type
Model TS-80

The newly designed telescoping system is somewhat of a hybrid between the overhead suspended type system and the automatic hose reels. It offers the convenience of simple extension of the hose assembly without a pull-up hardware arrangement but not quite the luxury of automatic retraction offered by the hose reels.
Its greatest feature is that it is entirely manufactured out of Crushproof Neoprene material. It is currently only available in a 3ż diameter model and is therefore perfectly suited for all types of passenger car repair facilities. The overall hose length is 17 feet which makes it suitable for most garages. The hoses can be shortened for low ceiling heights. The duct connector will connect to any 5ż air flow fitting or “T” Stub. The RA-300 tailpipe adapter will fit all single and most twin tailpipe configurations. Three locking snaps allow the unit to be shut off preventing the unwanted loss of heat.

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