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High Temp Silicone
Data Sheet


Product Description 420/HTS

This high temperature resistant hose is made of heavy weight silicone impregnated fiberglass fabric, mechanically interlocked to a corrosion resistant metallic spiral-Helix on the outside of the fabric. Because the spiral-Helix is on the outside of the hose, the inner surface is free from obstruction. Fumes do not contact the spiral-Helix: Thus no corrosion by noxious fumes.

Exclusive features:
• Will not oval, balloon or collapse at recommended pressures
• Adhesive-free construction allows higher temperatures because there is no glue which could melt or burn.
• Will not separate or unwind like conventional ducting material.

Built - In Scuff Strip:
Over 60% wear of the hose comes from external abrasion. The exclusive exterior spiral-helix protects the hose and provides outstanding STRENGTH, DURABILITY and SCUFF RESISTANCE. Yet the hose maintains its superior flexibility.

Fabric: heavyweight silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth
Spiral-Helix: Galvanized steel
Available Diameters: 3 to 24
Standard Lengths: 25or 50
Temperature Ranges: -65 degrees F. To 600 degrees F.
Positive Pressure: 20 W.G.
Negative Pressure: 5 W.G.
Typical Applications: High temperature air; dust or fume control Resists Alkalies, Ozone and Fungi

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