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Garage Exhaust Hose
Data Sheet


Product Information

Compound - Crushproof's rubber compound has been specially formulated to withstand up to 600°F. of tailpipe exhaust temperatures, while maintaining maximum flexibility and durability. Crushproof's Innovative Compounding has kept pace with the emergence of high heat-producing catalytic converters and emission control devices. Crushproof's compound maintains 250% elongation and 1750 lbs. tensile strength. Recently, Crushproof has aggressively sought out several sources for its compound, so as to develope the highest quality of exhaust tubing material at the lowest possible cost.

Tubing Configuration - Crushproof's hose is manufactured under several exclusive Patented Manufacturing Process. The hose is spirally-convoluted and non-reinforced. The spiral (helical) convolutions permit: (1) - The use of threaded adapters which can be tightly screwed onto the tubing; and (2) - The mating of one size hose to the next largest or smallest size hose... or even to the same size hose through the use of Flarelock tubing The hose's solid rubber (non-reinforced) construction of its convolutions insures 100% Hose Recovery after the hose has been crushed.

Adapters (Accessory Items) - Crushproof continues to develop the most complete line of rubber and aluminum accessory items. These accessory items, along with the various sizes of exhaust tubing are available.


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