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Engwald Weld-O-Vent

This modern fume control is being used in hundreds of installations, such as welding shops, garages, factories, plants, etc. where ventilation has been a serious problem, especially where such fumes exist as created by electric arc or gas welding. All these various fumes and many more are injurious to the welder, mechanic or anyone working in the shop.

This unit is very efficient because the fumes are collected at the source by an adjustable cone hood which is connected to the exhaust hose. The hood, having a large opening, allows the fumes to be drawn in before they can circulate throughout the area. The unit is equipped with a heavy duty pressure blower. A heavy cast iron swivel joint which supports a flexible arm and fiberglass hose assembly permits an unlimited working range within the radius (360 degrees if mounted on ceiling or 180 degrees if mounted on wall). The arm and hose assembly can be made in various lengths to suite your requirements. This unit is simple to install and designed to give many years of service with minimum maintenance.

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