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Gas Detection Systems

The ENGWALD Corporation offers a choice of over 30 detectors for: carbon monoxide, combustible gases, ammonia, refrigerants, hydrogen, etc.

The company's products are manufactured to strict quality standards. All units contain solid state electronics and an electronic sensor. Every unit is individually tested and calibrated to ensure proper operation.

Auto Fan Controllers
  • Parking Garage Controller SS103-3A
  • Parking Garage Controller SS103-10A

Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Monoxide Meter & Alarm CM-1B
  • Carbon Monoxide Transducer CM-2B
  • Carbon Monoxide Transducers
  • Detector & Controller CM-21A

Combustible Gas
  • Gas Detector GD-1
  • Gas Detector GD-2A
  • Gas Detector 4S1D-1-BR
  • Gas Detector GD-1S
  • Gas Detector GT-11
  • Combustible Gas Alarm GD-21

Air Quality Controller
  • Air Quality Controller AQC-12
  • Air Quality Controller AQC-21
  • Ammonia Gas Detector AD-1
  • Ammonia Gas Detector AD-12

  • Hydrogen Gas Detector ( Low Voltage)
  • Hydrogen Gas Detector ( 120 Volt Unit)

  • Refrigerant Detectors

Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Detector & Controller ND-1
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Detector & Transducer ND-2

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